Through the eyes of a father: Life at Akron Children's Hospital

2013-07-12 15:47:41 by Kenneth Brigham - Patient Family, as posted on the blog.

Jordyn Jordyn

This is the third part of a 3-part series. (Read part 1 and part 2).

Shortly after Baby J had her 3rd and what we thought would be her final surgery, we went home.

When she became lethargic with a fever, we quickly returned for another round of surgeries. She had a total of 8, with 5 of them to battle MRSA, yet another obstacle for our beautiful little girl.

Each return to Akron Children’s was an experience, with nurses and staff saying “Hello again.” We were told the MRSA would fade as she grew out of diapers.

Truly Baby J is a miracle child. She has overcome many trials in her young life and taught us many lessons about nurturing. What many simply call a child with complications at birth, we call a blessing.

Every day as I watch her grow, it makes me proud to see her strength to overcome these procedures with such grace, and I recall the bonding and constant contact we had during those first few days.

The moral of this story is that not only through the blessings we shared watching our Baby J heal so quickly time after time within these hospital walls, but that this amazing establishment is filled with so much science and technology to support life as we know it in times of trauma and life-altering occurrences.

Carrie and Jordyn Carrie and Jordyn

Too many times the true structure of Children’s technological core goes unnoticed. It is not the machines or scientific equations that make up the medications that help save children’s lives, but the doctors, nurses and volunteers – they are what make this possible.

I walked through those doors Feb. 12, 2011, believing that I was alone, that I would be lost and unable to do the things necessary to remain strong for my family and handle everything like the man I was supposed to be.

In fact I was not that man.

In times of life-threatening emergencies, our bodies shut down and blur our senses. We become blinded to the ability of these professionals who wake up day after day to go to work just as we do all over this great country.

However, these people have a more critical job. They keep our children safe, they keep our babies stable, they make it possible for us to have faith that they know what they are doing. They keep our children ALIVE.

I cannot say this enough: “Thank you Akron Children’s for your constant dedication and all you do for our children.”

Without your sensitivity, which is shown through your actions to each family walking in those doors scared and overwhelmed, we really would feel alone.

But we're not.

Perhaps through this story many will find comfort knowing they are not alone, and they will be comforted knowing that many have come before you, many will come again, but no matter how many times we return, Akron Children’s Hospital will be waiting to welcome us and assure us our children will be safe and taken care of.

May God bless the men and women of Akron Children’s Hospital and all who are affiliated with them, giving us hope and assurance that our children will live to see another day and one day take them home to where they belong – all because you care enough to go to work.

"The Brighams"

Brigham family - (L-R) Kyle, Emily, Kaylee, Jordyn, Anna, Ken and mom Brigham family - (L-R) Kyle, Emily, Kaylee, Jordyn, Anna, Ken and mom

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