Surgery scheduled to help strengthen Jordanís legs

2015-02-17 13:37:33 by Megs Pollock, Patient Family, as posted on the blog.

Jordan doing aqua therapy

We met with Dr. Jones and Dr. Baird to discuss Jordan’s upcoming surgery. Randy had talked with Dr. Jones about potentially correcting Jordan’s left ankle during his hip surgery. The tendon only works on the outside of his foot and has started to shift over his ankle bone. We feel this has caused the pressure areas on his feet while he’s in his braces.

JordanWe had already decided to have the hip surgery to help prevent his right hip from going out of place. This would cause Jordan more pain, a limp and more extensive surgery.

Jordan continues to feel his doctors are all a part of our team. For trick-or-treat at school, Jordan dressed up as Dr. Jones with his “x-ray” and Dr. Baird with his “hammer.” I love to hear him talk about his doctors knowing that he’s comfortable with them.

We pray that he continues to enjoy coming to “doctor’s house” once the surgery is complete.

The new decision was made to have Dr. Jones perform a tendon transfer on the left and right ankle, then a tendon lengthening on the right before Dr. Adamczyk comes into the OR to help Jordan’s hip.

Gabriella, Randy and JordanAfter what’s planned to be an over 5-hour surgery, Jordan will be casted from his chest to his toes on both sides for a month. He wants the cast to be blue and green.

Once he’s conquered the month-long immobility, Jordan won’t be able to put weight on his legs for another 2 weeks. Then we will hit therapy boot camp to allow Jordan to begin the journey of gaining back the strength and mobility he will lose.

We have taken on the approach to strengthen Jordan's body as much as we can prior to the surgery. He has physical therapy at school 2 times a week, aqua therapy with a therapist once a week, and one session of physical therapy in our home.

JordanSo far he hasn't seemed to mind the extra attention. He looks forward to riding his pool noodle horse that he named Coffee, and his strength has improved since we've added the sessions.

As we look ahead our heads and stomachs turn about what may be. But throughout our Jordan journey, God has been so faithful in all things.

A couple of weeks ago, Jordan was looking through a Bible board book. He kept revisiting the page with the man who was unable to walk and his friends carried him through a crowd of people up the steps of the home Jesus was in and lowered the man down for Jesus to see. Jesus found these men to have faith and he healed the man and told him to get up and walk.

I know we weren’t told there would be a miracle after this surgery. In fact we pray the surgery does what it’s supposed to do and helps prevent pain and correct the position of his feet and hip.

But it doesn’t stop us from boldly asking Jesus to provide healing to Jordan as we take hold of his mat and carry him in. We ask for those who are willing to join us and take a corner to help carry him and ask our great physician for healing.

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