What to expect during your child’s sedation procedure

2014-07-03 14:33:06 by Dr. Troy Sands - Pediatric Hospitalist, as posted on the inside.akronchildrens.org blog.

Dr. Troy Sands Dr. Troy Sands

Coming to the hospital for a test or procedure can be a scary thought for children of all ages. Some hospital tests may be uncomfortable or last for over an hour, making them especially difficult for young children to tolerate.

The sedation process can be unsettling for parents as well, but here at Akron Children’s Hospital, we have a special program that can help you and your child get through these experiences with great results. We’ve worked hard to design a team of highly trained doctors and nurses who specialize in the field of pediatric sedation.

By giving your child just the right dose of sedation medication, we can help him through almost any procedure, especially procedures that might be difficult for him to do on his own.


Prior to Sedation

Katie Hixon talks with family before the sedation procedure. Katie Hixon talks with family before the sedation procedure.

In the days leading up to your child’s procedure, you’ll receive a call from one of our sedation nurses. She’ll ask you specific questions about your child’s medical history, surgical history, and whether he has any allergies to foods or medications.

You’ll receive instructions on where you should arrive on the day of the test, what time you should get there, and additional details to make your appointment go smoothly. For safety purposes, you will be asked to refrain from giving your child anything to eat or drink for several hours leading up to the test.

When you and your child arrive, you’ll meet our team of doctors and nurses. We’ll check your child’s weight, perform a short physical exam, place an IV for the sedation medications, and answer any questions that you may have.



During the Sedation

Our doctors and nurses are experts at making sure your child is safe during her sedation. Once your child is “sleepy,” we will monitor her breathing, oxygen level, heart rate, and blood pressure.

Your child will have his own sedation doctor, who is responsible for caring for him and making sure that he’s comfortable throughout his procedure. For many procedures, at least one parent is allowed to remain with the child from start to finish.



After the Sedation

Most children “wake up” from sedation within 10-15 minutes. The sedation nurses will remove their IV and give them a snack and a drink once they’re fully awake. Some children will be a little tired throughout the rest of the day, but many won’t notice any side effects at all.

After successfully completing the procedure, you and your child will be discharged from the sedation unit, and you can go about the rest of your day as usual.

We’re here to guide you through this process to ensure the very best care for your child. For additional information about sedation, please call 330-543-4070 to speak with a sedation team member.


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