Kangarooing quints

2014-10-27 16:21:29 by Amie Spicocchi - Patient Family, as posted on the inside.akronchildrens.org blog.

From left, Amie with Paige, Ellie, & Gia From left, Amie with Paige, Ellie, & Gia

August 3, 2010 was a life changing day for our family.

After using a low dose fertility medication to conceive our second child, we prayed we would be blessed again with a third child to complete our family in every way. The words "higher order multiples" and "selective reduction" were things we only heard on reality television. Suddenly, this was our reality.

With the help of Dr. John Stewart, Akron General Medical Center and Akron Children's Hospital, my husband and I welcomed quintuplets into the world. Within two minutes we went from a family of four to a family of nine!

Shortly after delivery, the babies were transported to Akron Children's NICU, which became our home away from home for the next four months.

There are not words to describe how wonderful the doctors, nurses, and staff are in the NICU. Not only did they take excellent care of our premature babies, they also made sure we were taken care of too.

We were on a rollercoaster ride no parent would want to be a part of. Our days became filled with morning rounds, taking part in as much bedside care as possible, worry, and a lot of prayers.

The nurses did an amazing job encouraging us and allowing us to be involved in as much care for our children as possible. Taking temperatures, swabbing their mouths with breast milk and changing diapers were all great ways for us to bond with the babies.

Vince with Ellie & Amie with Gia Vince with Ellie & Amie with Gia

However, what every parent wants is to just hold and love their baby.

Kangaroo care was a way for us to do just that. No matter how stressful a particular day was or how much worry filled my heart, the one time during the day I felt most like a mom was during skin-to-skin time with each of my babies.

Not only are there terrific medical benefits such as improved oxygen saturation, weight gain, shorter hospital stay, and lactation benefits for the mother to kangaroo care, it was a time to bond with each baby individually.

My husband and I got to know each of their little personalities in such a special way by all those hours we spent day after day with our babies laying on our chest.

Those memorable moments were not only a gift to us, but also to our children. It was a way to provide them love, warmth, comfort, and bonding just by holding them skin-to-skin.

There are so many scary moments related to our time in the NICU. We are very thankful for those good memories we have from our kangaroo time with the quintuplets.

Almost three years have passed since our tiny babies, ranging from 1 lb, 9 oz to 1 lb, 15 oz, were born.

We thank God every day for blessing our family with those five amazing miracles!

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