Jane and Jude have insightful visit to ophthalmologist

2011-07-11 14:32:50 by Sarah Sanford, Patient Family, as posted on the inside.akronchildrens.org blog.

It’s been awhile since my last blog post. Reason being, the joyful madness that is raising these two kids has been joyfully, maddeningly BUSY. Baby Jude had a crazy month in June. I am fairly certain we saw almost every department at Akron Children’s Hospital at some point.

With July came a new script for a fitting appointment at Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics for fancy new (translation: expensive, supportive, corrective orthopedic) “shoes” for Baby Jude. I have tons of personal experience in this arena. I wore cable braces for years as a child.

Also we had their ophthalmology exam with Dr. Robert Burnstine.  Jude was a follow-up. (His tight relationship with an amazing low vision therapist from the Cleveland Sight Center plus previous eye surgery keep us guessing about his underdeveloped vision.) Jane was a new patient.

She showed some visual changes at her pre-K physical, so off to Akron Pediatric Ophthalmology we went.  Imagine this: a 4 year old and an 18 month old getting their eyes dilated, examined, and checked for poly strabismus (lazy eye).

Needless to say, Baby Jude didn’t understand that his vision even changed when he got his drops.  Jane on the other hand, well, she let me know in no uncertain terms when her drops kicked in. It went something like, “Oh crap, I cannot see a thing!” I’m still working on the crap thing.

Two-plus hours later, we left the great Dr. Burnstine with the good news that although Baby Jude’s vision still has a ways to go, he’s still skating by without glasses - for now.  Jane is the one getting glasses. Yep, my gal is nearsighted and has astigmatism.

I wanted to make Jane’s glasses a fun experience for her, a special kind of celebrating. And only the cool kids get to wear glasses before they even start pre-K. We celebrated with Mexican for dinner that night - her pick. Then it was time to shop. Jane chose her own frames. They are almost identical to mine.  With excitement she declared, “Sarah, we are twins!”

We talked a lot about the responsibility of glasses, how she needs to push them up her nose by the middle and not the lenses, etc. I overheard her say to a grabby Jude, “No, Baby Jude, you can’t touch my glasses. They are my ‘sponsability and Sarah paid a lot of money for them.”

A successful glasses-wearing week has been had. Her reward -  the Akron Zoo and the Italian-American Festival for lemonade, meatballs and face painting. And, the promise of Vacation Bible School. (She could use a bit of good old fashioned fear of Jesus.) Jane is one pretty, happy, celebrated and “’sponsable” little lady, who can see perfectly.

While June was crazy for Jude, July has been a banner month for Jane. The irony is that every medical blip Jane has encountered is almost a carbon copy of my childhood.

Baby Jude and I will share the ortho shoes/braces memory when he shakes them off one day, God and gait trainer willing. I get to spend tons of time with him too, witnessing his hard work and progress that will be my special memories.

But us glasses wearing gals, the 4-eyed females in the family?  Well, we finally look “alike.”

Grateful, Prayerful & Hopeful.

Read more about Baby Jude and Jane from the rest of Sarah’s blog, Hey Jude!.

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