Itís time to hug your physical therapist

2013-05-16 14:47:29 by Sarah Sanford, Patient Family, as posted on the blog.

October is National Physical Therapy Awareness month. I never realized how unaware I was of the effectiveness of physical therapy before Baby Jude. But I have become an advocate of the profound impact that physical therapy can have, especially in early intervention.

Before Jude, I thought physical therapy was for old folks who were working in a new hip replacement or athletes who needed to rehab a torn ACL. Once Jude started PT at a few months of age, I began to see the wide span of services, the deep breadth of reach that PT can have. It really is amazing.

Jude began PT at less than 4 months old. He transferred services to Akron Children’s Hospital at about 6 months old. Our relationship with Akron Children’s and all of the fantastic docs there began under the guiding eye of Jane C., our physical therapist. She is the bee’s knees.

She made many specialist referrals, none of which I wanted to believe were necessary (especially the craniofacial plastics one to reshape his skull). But all of these referrals were more than necessary.

She was right. She kind of always is. It’s part of her charm. Jane is patient, kind, supportive, and unassuming. She and Jude have a bond I dread to break the eventual day he is discharged (whenever that may be).

Jane is always there, rarely missing a Monday appointment. She is always looking for ways to help Jude - the whole Jude. She is tenacious, always ready to work my kid out in the most loving way, with incredible results.

Jane is always smiling, always able to get him through the rough spots in a tough session, and she is always there to get me through the rough spots of his tough sessions. Jane C. is always there.

Baby Jude and I are remarkably grateful to Jane C. Not only is she an expert physical therapist, but she has become a person I respect as a professional, a  mom, an advocate for kids with disabilities and a friend to both Jude and I.

There are only a few days left in October. If you, or your child, are in the care of a fantastic PT, remember to thank them. They do God’s work, tiny bits at a time. Jane C. at Akron Children’s does that for my Baby Jude.

Happy Physical Therapy Awareness Month to Jane and all the rest of your team!

Grateful, Prayerful & Hopeful.

Read more about Baby Jude in the rest of Sarah’s blog posts.

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