A trip, an eye and a First Communion Dress

2013-07-22 10:27:28 by Marnee Sweeney - Patient Family, as posted on the inside.akronchildrens.org blog.

McKenna McKenna

On May 2, I was cooking dinner and my husband, Michael, was cleaning up the front porch. My 8-year-old daughter, McKenna, was riding her bike. She ran into the house and said that she needed to use the bathroom. I continued to prepare dinner. Then after a few minutes, I heard McKenna yell, "Mom!!"

I walked to the bottom of the stairs. She came to the top of the steps and all I could see was blood pouring down her sweet face. I calmly ran upstairs and looked at her and asked what had happened because I hadn't heard any noises! She told me that she tripped on the bathroom rug and fell into the corner of the bathroom sink! Yuck, I know!

I helped her downstairs, got her some ice and ran for her dad. We immediately made the decision to go to Akron's Children Hospital. We would always tell McKenna that just because we lived so close to the hospital didn't mean that we had to go. However, today was the day!

I drove us over and was immediately met with a kind smile. We were taken into triage where the nurse was very accommodating and kind. She had a male nurse check McKenna's vision and take us to an ER room. Another nurse came in and helped put all three of us at ease. She turned on cartoons for McKenna, who did her best watching them with her "good" eye. The eye that hit the sink was already swelling shut. Next, the man who needed our insurance information came in. Honestly, he could NOT have been more kind and patient with me, considering I felt like a blabbering idiot at the time. The ER doc came in and checked McKenna over and determined that she had three corneal abrasions and would be fine. The ER nurse brought in a stuffed cow that McKenna named Mootilda.

The kicker of this whole story is that my darling McKenna had to make her first Holy Communion two days from the day that she got hurt! She was a trooper and made her first Communion with black and blue marks, bruises and all! I love my tough girl, so I was so grateful to have had such wonderful people to help not only McKenna, but us too.

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