Sweet memories: Bringing treats to thank NICU and Reinberger Family Center staff

2014-02-22 10:16:20 by Sarah Plant, Patient Family, as posted on the inside.akronchildrens.org blog.

sarah-and-bekah-on-roofOur trip to Akron Children’s Hospital in January included more than just Bekah’s eye exam. After leaving Dr. Lawhon’s office, we ran (really ran, it was FREEZING out there) out to the top level of the Locust Street parking garage so we could take a look at the progress the construction crews have been making on the new tower.

Bekah is fascinated by what she calls “big yellow machines” right now, and we wanted to be able to tell Chris that we had seen his products in action when we got home.

He is excited because the company he works for won the bid to supply the steel framing studs for the interior walls of the new building. He’s proud that he can show his crew of workers pictures of Bekah and the building, and show them not only what they’re building, but one example of who they are building it for.

After nearly freezing while Bekah watched the workers (which she would have continued to do all day if it hadn’t been so cold outside and I made her go back in), we stopped by the Reinberger Family Center to drop off a basket of lollipops.


Sarah and Bekah go to the Reinberger Family Center to deliver lollipopsWhen Bekah was in Akron Children’s NICU I spent a lot of time in the Reinberger. As most moms who supplied milk for their NICU babies know, the Reinberger’s pump rooms can become a mommy’s best friend.

Every few hours I drug myself away from Bekah’s bedside to pay a visit to the Reinberger. It was in those rooms that I often found a snippet of peace, a place to gather my thoughts and put things into perspective. It was a few moments of silence, away from the beeps of machines, and the general hum of NICU life, and a place to sometimes just hide from what was going on.

There was never a time that I wasn’t greeted with a smile when I entered, and even now, 2 years later, I can think back on countless times when whoever happened to be working the desk made me laugh and brightened my whole day. A basket of lollipops to help make someone else smile was nothing compared to the moments of peace I often found in the Reinberger Family Center.

The 2-year anniversary of Bekah’s discharge from the NICU was Jan. 21, and there aren’t many days that go by that we don’t think of the people who worked so hard to keep her safe for the 10 weeks we were there.



Sarah and Bekah give lollipops to the NICUSo, while we were in the area we dropped off some lollipops for our NICU friends too. We’re proud of Bekah and the incredible little lady she’s becoming, and we are distinctly aware that she belongs not only to us, but also to everyone who fought so hard to keep her safe.

Stopping in to say hello and make some doctors and nurses smile is the very least we can do after all that has been done for us.


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