Top 10 things Iíve learned about sensory processing disorder

2013-05-15 15:11:34 by Sarah Sanford, Patient Family, as posted on the blog.

1. Don’t believe the hype.

2. On the other hand, don’t ignore the advice - and some of the hype.  There IS something to be said for it.

3. Go to Akron Children's NeuroDevelopmental Science Center . . .or someplace similar if you can.  Makes ALL the difference.

4. Lava lamps are the best - and if your kid has low vision or a visual impairment like our Baby Jude . . then a red lava lamp is the bees knees.  Stocking caps, a special blankie to cover the head - they are AWESOME, as well!

5. Occupational, speech and physical therapy are imperative.

6. Convincing my husband that he should install a toddler swing in the laundry room seemed like a terrible idea to him.  Until he was home, alone, with Baby Jude during a moment that required a good, old fashioned swinging.

7. The best description we received about this whole sensory deal is that his brain is in the midst of MASSIVE development . . . development that should have happened in utero but didn’t get the chance. There is a bit of a developmental firestorm between his ears right now, and we need to be sensitive to that.  Some things are “too much.”  Like food with texture (WAY more on that later; we have another feeding evaluation tomorrow.)

8. Weighted blankets have saved our collective sleep life. Baby Jude sleeps.  And he sleeps hard - so long as he is bogged down with a tight swaddle & weighted blanket.  Black out curtains don’t hurt either.

9. There is such an immense amount of development possible with the right supports in place. Not that kids “outgrow” sensory processing disorder (SPD) or anything of the sort, it would be irresponsible to suggest that.  But for a kid like Jude, who is behind the 8 Ball . . . who needs more help than some, less than a lot, who needs a push, a shove and a whole lot of love in the right direction, SPD is do-able.  At least, for now, it seems to be.

10. Never make the mistake of thinking you know it all.  Both Janey and Baby Jude prove me wrong with that one.  Each and every day.

Grateful, Prayerful & Hopeful.

Read more about Baby Jude and Jane from the rest of Sarah's blog posts.

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