Jourdan's Story

2013-05-13 13:17:15 by tdomf_6569b, as posted on the blog.

DSCF0087 - Copy.JPG (293 KB)Our daughter Jourdan was first diagnosed for a urinary tract infection in August 2009, when she was 8 months old. Our Children's Hospital pediatrician, Dr. Sabrina Ben-Zion of the Wadsworth office, suggested a follow-up with Akron Children's Hospital's Urology Dept.

We met with Dr. Nasrallah, who suggested we follow up with a procedure called a VCUG to facilitate his diagnosis. The VCUG revealed she has a condition called Vesicoureteral Reflux to both of her kidneys, stage 4 on the right and stage 5 on the left. Given her young age at the time it was decided to start Jourdan on a daily prophylatic treatment of antibiotics as a preventative with the hopes that as she aged, she might outgrow the condition.

Throughout 2010 we had a few trips to the E.R. for several U.T.I.s and Dr. Nasrallah adjusted her meds accordingly. Through the latter part of the autumn of 2010 through this past May, Jourdan had been breakout free, and we had begun to entertain the hope that she had indeed outgrown the V.U.R.

May 1st came and Jourdan came down with a very high fever and we took her to the E.R. She was determined to have another U.T.I. and given another antibiotic along with her regimen of Bactrim while awaiting full lab work results. This time the offending bacteria was identified as Klebsiella, a particularly stubborn species to treat.

Two weeks later after coming off the intermediate antibiotic, Jourdan had another breakthrough caused by the kledsiella. This raised Dr. Nasrallah's concern, as it did ours, and he suggested Bilateral Reimplantation surgery and introduced us to Dr. Clark, his affiliated surgeon.

My wife and I were both impressed with the care and concern shown to us and it was decided to schedule Jourdan for surgery on August 3rd. Two weeks to the day of her surgery Jourdan had yet another klebsiella breakthrough, which we hoped would not jeopardize her schedule.

Dr. Nasrallah ordered a high powered antibiotic which managed that breakthrough nicely and we got Jourdan to Akron Children's Hospital on time for her surgery.

From the moment we were greeted in the Surgery Dept, our family was impressed with the courtesy, care and professionalism of the entire staff, especially the considerations given to our other daughter Kendra, Jourdan's almost 4 year-old sister. We also made arrangements to stay at the neighboring Ronald MacDonald House as it was anticipated Jourdan would likely be spending two nights.

Dr. Clark did an excellent job and had Jourdan in recovery three hours later. The P.A.C.U. staff was also diligent and wonderful, and after an hour had Jourdan transferred to a room on the 7th floor.

I cannot express my family's gratitude and appreciation for nurses Kim and Erika, student nurse Ezra and even the dietitians who saw to everything Jourdan needed. With the quality of care she received, coupled with her own resilience, Jourdan was actually able to be discharged the following afternoon, a whole day earlier than everyone had anticipated.

We are members of a V.U.R. support group on Facebook, and my wife and I cannot sing praises enough for everyone at Akron Children's and certainly recommend anyone within a practical means to use them.

As an aside, it was so wonderful that both of my girls had the opportunity to meet Indy car racer Justin Wilson, and both the members of the Cleveland Dawg Pound and the Bengals Bomb Squad.

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