Radiation Management

Akron Children's Hospital strongly supports the national Image Gently campaign to reduce radiation exposure in children. Our radiology staff uses specialized pediatric protocols that limit the amount of exposure children receive.

What do we measure?

We measure the radiation doses produced by all of our imaging machines. We give special attention to the machines with the capacity to produce higher doses and actively monitor the doses given during specific exams that have the potential to produce higher doses, such as CT scans.

How do we measure?

A licensed radiation physicist checks all of our machines, and the machines that have the potential to produce a higher radiation dose have built-in dose measuring software.

What are we doing to improve?

We are currently participating in two national dose reduction programs. The first is Image Gently, which aims to:

The second initiative is known as Featherlight Imaging. This program includes a set of guidelines produced by GE that are applied to our CT machines to reduce pediatric doses.

In addition, radiology leadership at Akron Children's has instituted stricter guidelines that prevent unnecessary scanning of children, and which incorporate the substitution of MRI and ultrasound (both of which are radiation-free) for CT imaging, when appropriate.

Our radiology department has also completed multiple lean six sigma projects to reduce doses on an issue-by-issue basis, such as image coning, repeat image reduction, and more. Image coning focuses the radiation only on the area or body part that needs X-rayed.

Eliminating radiation in heart procedures

At Akron Children's, our cardiologists in our arrhythmia center use alternative techniques and technologies to virtually eliminate the use of fluoroscopy during cardiac ablations, reducing young patients' lifelong risk of cumulative radiation exposure.


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Radiation Management
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