Special Delivery: Baby Ashton's birth story is one for the history books

Angela Daniell looks at baby Ashton following his birth, the first delivery at Akron Children’s Hospital

Angela Daniell looks at baby Ashton following his birth, the first delivery at Akron Children’s Hospital

It all began with a routine ultrasound toward the end of Angela Daniell’s pregnancy. With only 3 weeks left to go, her son, Ashton, was diagnosed in utero with a baseball-sized cyst on his neck caused by a lymphatic malformation.

Because of the size of the mass and the closeness to his airway, there was concern that Ashton might need emergency surgery immediately after birth.

His mother had a choice to make – transfer to another hospital for the delivery or be a part of a historic moment at Akron Children’s – the first planned birth in our hospital’s history. Placing her trust in our team, and to stay close to home, she chose Akron Children’s.

Maternal-fetal medicine specialist Melissa Mancuso, MD,and her team in the Fetal Treatment Center made arrangements to have the necessary team in place to deliver Ashton.

“The logistics of this were incredible and we are very grateful,” said Andrew Daniell, Ashton’s father. “There had to be a neonatologist, pediatric ENT surgeon, pediatric surgeon and a pediatric anesthesiologist on call at all times. This is in addition to the team needed to perform Angie’s C-section.”

Fortunately, Ashton’s mass didn’t require emergency surgery immediately upon birth.

Instead, surgeons John Crow, MD, and Marc Nelson, MD, decided it was best to give Ashton some time to grow and put on weight before the procedure to remove the cyst.

After a 5-day neonatal intensive care unit stay, Ashton was able to grow and bond with his family at home in Bath Township.

On July 12, Ashton returned to Akron Children’s for surgery. After a weekend stay in the hospital, he returned home to big brother Anderson on July 15.

“Ashton should be able to lead a normal life now that the cyst is removed,” said Dr. Crow, chairman of the department of surgery. “His prognosis is excellent.”

Baby Ashton's birth is one for the history books
Publication: Children's Progress
Issue: Fall

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