Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Center

Akron Children's Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Center offers a full range of reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery services for infants, children and teens. Read More...

Murthy Ananth
Ananth Murthy, MD, FACS
Director, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Medical Director, Craniofacial Center, and Speech Surgery Clinic

Lou R. Benjamin
R. Benjamin Lou, MD
Burn/Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Patel Niyant
Niyant Patel, MD
Craniofacial, Pediatric Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Larson Heather
Heather Larson, RN, BSN, PNP-­AC
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Valentine Ashley
Ashley Valentine, PA-C
Physician Assistant


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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Overview

Our center provides pediatric plastic and reconstructive surgery with a specialized, compassionate, family-centered approach.

Our goal is to correct congenital deformities to restore function and improve appearance for patients affected by a birth defect, injury, illness or tumor.

Reconstructive procedures include:

  • Cleft lip and palate and craniostenosis
  • Hemangiomas, the most common tumor in infancy, as well as other vascular malformations
  • Birth defects of the ear (protruding or absent ear)
  • Birth defects of the hands (webbed fingers, extra or missing digits)
  • Birth defects of the chest and limbs (breast anomalies)
  • Birthmarks and moles
  • Injuries to the head, face, neck, jaws, hands, arms, legs and trunk
  • Scar reduction and repair, including burn scars

We also perform aesthetic procedures such as:

  • Nose reshaping
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Ear and chin repositioning
  • Correction of jaw or bite abnormalities

The EarWell™ System

Akron Children’s Hospital offers an innovative and non-invasive treatment to correct ear deformities in infancy. The EarWell™ Infant Ear Correction System is a quick and painless non-surgical option for correcting most types of infant ear deformities.

The device is affixed to an infant’s ears, ideally in the first few weeks of life when the cartilage is most malleable. Within 4 to 6 weeks, the ears will be normally shaped. The system has a 90 percent success rate based on thousands procedures.


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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Center
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