Why children should do chores and what’s age appropriate


It's an age-old question that all parents face sooner or later: Is it easier to teach your kids to do a chore or do the chore yourself?

In a recent video podcast, Georgette Constantinou, PhD, administrative director for pediatric psychiatry and psychology at Akron Children's Hospital, discusses how doing chores is an important step in preparing kids to meet life's challenges.

"It's about being accountable, being part of a team, and not just taking up space in a family," said Constantinou. "It's not about which chores or how many chores. It's about the concept that we're all in this together."

Constantinou offers advice on age appropriate chores, as well as fun tips on how to get your kids to do them. She also gives her recommendation on whether kids should be paid for doing chores.

The video, part of a series of Children’s On Demand videos produced by Akron Children's Hospital, is available in the audio-visual library at Type in the key word, "chores." You can also find the video on

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