Webcast highlights surgical treatment for developmental dysplasia of the hip in children

Webcast highlights procedure to treat hip disorder


On Thursday, Nov. 10, at 6 p.m., watch orthopedic surgeons Mark Adamczyk and Kenneth Bono as they perform an open reduction procedure on an 18-month-old girl to treat developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH).

In an open reduction, the hip is realigned and the thighbone is placed back into the hip socket through surgery. During the procedure, tight muscles and tissues surrounding the hip joint are loosened and then later tightened up once the hip is back in place.

DDH is a deformity that can occur before, during or weeks after birth and is more common in girls. Early diagnosis and treatment are typically the key to avoiding orthopedic problems later in life. Treatment for DDH depends on the age of the child, with children 6 months or older typically requiring some form of surgery.

“In an older child, the socket or the acetabulum has not developed to the point where it can accept the femoral head adequately,” said Dr. Adamczyk. “There are other structures that block the head coming into the socket well and they need to be removed, which is the things that we did today – lengthening of tendons, opening of joint capsules, dividing of ligaments – removing blocks to reduction.”

Following surgery, the child is placed in a body cast for about two months to ensure the hip sets properly.

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Watch orthopedic surgeons perform surgery to treat a toddler's hip disorder during webcast Nov. 10

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