Toilet training is a huge milestone for both kids and their parents


Nothing says "I'm a big kid, now!" like learning to use the toilet. Parents are happy to leave behind the time and money consumed changing diapers while their little one moves on to a more independent stage in her life.

In a new video by Akron Children's Hospital, Geoffrey Putt, PsyD, director of parenting and family support services at Akron Children's Hospital, discusses the importance of toilet training in a child's development, as well as some strategies to help ensure a smooth transition.

"Toilet training is a huge milestone in a kid's life," said Dr. Putt. "It is also very important to parents, because they no longer have to have diapers in the home and they are moving their child toward independence."

Dr. Putt advises parents on how to discern if your child is ready for toilet training and how incentives help reinforce a good bathroom routine. He recommends not forcing a child to use the toilet but to entice them to this activity by keeping it fun and interesting. He weighs the pros and cons of using special potty chairs and training pants.

The video is available at and type in the keyword, "toilet training." You can also find the video at

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