Eating too little, exercising too much: Teen girls are especially vulnerable to eating disorders


For teenage girls, the desire to be thin and fit in may be the basis for a strict regimen of diet and exercise. Taken too far, though, this drive could threaten their health.

In a new video by Akron Children’s Hospital, Eleni Lantzouni, MD, an adolescent medicine specialist at Akron Children's Hospital, discusses the factors that contribute to eating disorders, signs that your child may have anorexia or bulimia, and what families can do to support their child who is struggling with this condition.

While teenage females are still the most affected group, Dr. Lantzouni says that there are indications that eating disorders are becoming more prevalent with older females, very young females and also males.

“Try to boost your child’s self esteem, beyond just their appearance,” Dr. Lantzouni advises. “Emphasize healthy eating for health and exercise for fun. And make sure to watch what you say about others’ body shapes, as well as your own.”

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