Akron Children's new 3T MRI will be useful for epilepsy surgery program

3T MRI arrives at Akron Children’s

Delivery of 3T MRI


Akron Children’s Hospital received a special delivery today – a MAGNETOM Skyra 3 Tesla (3T) open bore MRI.

Made by Siemens Healthcare, the new MRI has the most powerful magnet available for clinical use and will be a great asset to Akron Children’s pediatric specialists in making confident, accurate diagnoses.

“This will be Akron Children’s third MRI and will be especially useful in doing functional neurologic and musculoskeletal studies,” said Neville Irani, MD, a pediatric neuro-radiologist at Akron Children’s. “By asking a patient to talk, move part of his or her body or use other senses during the study, we will be able to see how various parts of the brain respond and are affected. That kind of information is very useful for surgical planning.”

Dr. Irani, who completed an extra year of fellowship in pediatric neuro-radiology at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, said the 3T MRI will be useful as Akron Children’s begins an epilepsy surgery program later this summer.

The Skyra 3T has also been designed for patient comfort. It can hold patients who weigh up to 550 pounds, and its open bore – short length – design makes it a good option for patients who are claustrophobic. It will be the only 3T MRI in Akron.

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  • Akron Children's has the only 3T MRI in Akron, Ohio.
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New 3T MRI will be useful for epilepsy surgery program

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