Small bedbugs are a big concern


For generations, parents have said, “Good night, good night, don’t let the bedbugs bite,” as they tuck their little ones into bed. But, with widespread outbreaks and alarming news reports, bedbugs have become more reality than lullaby.

“Bedbugs are about the size of a pencil eraser,” said Mark Evans, MD, a pediatrician at the Brecksville office of Akron Children’s Hospital Pediatrics. “They live on human blood so they always live near their food source, thus they primarily live in beds. They are more common in places with lots of people like dorms and hotels.”

In a new Akron Children’s Hospital video podcast, Dr. Evans discusses the prevention and treatment of bedbugs.

According to Dr. Evans, bedbugs don’t pose significant harm, but they do bite and can cause slight discomfort.

“You might not feel them, but when you awaken in the morning you might see the bite marks -– little red bumps, white centers,” said Dr. Evans. “Bedbugs sometimes bite in a series of three - known as ‘breakfast, lunch and dinner’ - so you might notice a line of marks.”

Dr. Evans offer advice on how to prevent bedbug encounters at home and in hotel rooms and what to do to get rid of them.

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