Akron Children's Hospital set to move fragile babies from old NICU to new one


On Tuesday, May 5, just 5 days before Mother’s Day, a convoy of about 50 babies, some small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, will be making the second biggest trek of their young lives.

The babies will be moving to the new Women's Board of Children's Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit that’s opening in Akron Children's Kay Jewelers Pavilion.

It promises to be a complicated move with such precious cargo. And visually, it’s a rare spectacle: Each baby will be tucked into a mobile incubator, strewn with monitoring equipment, and accompanied by a nurse or doctor with parents trailing behind.

Other medical staff will line the path between the current NICU on the hospital’s 2nd floor to the new building’s 6th and 7th floors, which are connected via a walking bridge.

The new NICU at the Kay Jeweler’s Pavilion will be a big change from the infants’ previous home. Instead of several babies in one room, they’ll each have their own private room, which has been shown to improve healing and get the babies home sooner.

Each room comes with a private bathroom, TV, couch and comfy gliding chair – the perfect place for new moms to snuggle with their babies on Mother’s Day.

Media are invited to attend the move or visit to download broadcast-quality videos that will include interviews with parents and hospital staff, along with plenty of footage of the babies, all wearing matching onesies imprinted with “precious cargo.”

The move will begin at 9 a.m. EST on May 5 and last about 10 hours. During that time we will have hospital staff spokespeople on hand to answer media questions.

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