Clean my room, improve my grades … Kids can make resolutions too


Should you encourage your children to make New Year’s resolutions? Are young children even mature enough to understand what it means to make and keep resolutions? What is the parent’s role in the process?

These are just a few of the issues addressed in a new video from Akron Children’s Hospital, featuring Georgette Constantinou, PhD, a pediatric psychologist.

While the making (and breaking) of New Year’s resolutions has become something of a joke in our culture, Dr. Constantinou believes discussions about self reflection, improvement, and the setting and keeping of goals are valuable for children and parents alike.

“Minus a magic wand, we need to help children understand that there are steps involved in change. Change is not instant,” Dr. Constantinou said.

Other tips from Dr. Constantinou include being specific in goal setting and offering rewards. For example, instead of resolving to “get better grades,” it may be more effective to target ways to achieve this goal, such as doing a better job of bringing home the homework assignments and remembering to turn them into the teacher the next day. It may also be effective to have children chart their progress on a calendar.

To view the podcast, go to and type in the key word “resolutions.”

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Should you encourage your kids to make New Year's #resolutions?

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