Helping teens balance school and work


If you think your teens are growing up fast, imagine what it feels like for them. Between school, work and other extra-curriculars, graduation day may arrive sooner than they realize.

In a recent podcast, Laura Rocker, MD, a child-adolescent psychiatrist at Akron Children's Hospital, offers some practical advice to help teens balance their responsibilities at home, work and school while still having time for a social life.

“In order to manage their time well, teens need to remember what their priorities are,” said Dr. Rocker. “For most teenagers, school needs to be the top priority. If their grades are suffering, they’ll probably need to back off on other activities. Parents need to keep an eye on that.”

Dr. Rocker also gives advice on helping teens achieve a manageable balance between school, sports and other extra-curricular activities and work. She recommends that parents make sure their teens are getting enough sleep, and touches on all the valuable life lessons young adults can learn from extra-curricular activities.

The video, part of a series of Children’s On Demand videos produced by Akron Children’s Hospital, is available in the audio-visual library at Type in the key words, "school and work." You can also find the video on

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