Follow an ear tube surgery and adenoidectomy as it happens

Akron Children’s to live tweet during surgery #tubes4jordan

Follow an ear tube surgery and adenoidectomy as it happens

Dr. Milo examines Jordan at a recent ENT visit


Follow along on Wednesday morning, Feb. 13, as 20-month-old Jordan Pollock has surgery to insert ear tubes and remove his adenoids. You can follow live updates on Twitter, using the hashtag #tubes4jordan, or on Akron Children’s blog at

Jordan is undergoing surgery after several ear infections and influenza A led to a febrile seizure. During his appointment at Akron Children’s Ear, Nose and Throat Center, his parents learned that he also had enlarged adenoids.

Jordan, of Seville, has been a patient of Akron Children’s since before he was born. He was diagnosed with spina bifida during a fetal ultrasound.

His mom, Megan, has been sharing her experience on the hospital’s blog since she was 31-weeks pregnant. You can read about their journey at

Dr. Anton Milo, director of Akron Children’s Hospital’s ENT Center, will perform the surgery and field questions about ear tube surgery and adenoidectomies for 30 minutes following the surgery. Tweet your questions in advance to @AkronChildrens or submit your questions on the hospital’s Facebook page or via its blog.

“Ear infections are one of the most common childhood illnesses, and parents typically have a lot of questions about treatment and surgery,” said Dr. Milo. “Opening the OR to social media offers a great way to educate parents.”

The live updates will also be archived at

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Watch an ear tube surgery and adenoidectomy as it happens #tubes4jordan

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