Discipline after a divorce can be a challenge for parents

Discipline after divorce

Geoffrey Putt, PsyD


After divorce, it may be difficult to discipline children across two households but parents can still present a united front in support of their children.

In a new video from Akron Children’s Hospital, Geoffrey Putt, PsyD, director of parenting and family support services, offers parents advice on what their goals should be when it comes to disciplining children and how to effectively achieve them after they’ve separated from their spouse.

“The ideal is that everyone gets along and communicates, that you remember that this is about the children and it’s not about you as individuals who had a conflict,” said Dr. Putt, who advises parents to make sure their goals are the same and to also make sure they’re on the same page when it comes to values.

“Some of the specific techniques are things that you two can vary as long as the values are consistent,” said Dr. Putt.

Parents not only need to keep open communication with their children, but they also need to find an effective way to communicate with each other.

“If you end up getting into conflicts or fights, or if you end up using the child as a messenger, that’s not going to be a successful strategy,” said Dr. Putt.

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