Young athletes urged to get ImPACT tests

Young athletes urged to get ImPACT tests

All athletes at risk for concussion are urged to get an ImPACT test


To mark Youth Sports Safety Month, Akron Children’s Hospital’s Sports Medicine Center offers a service designed to help diagnose and manage sports-related concussions.

A baseline ImPACT cognitive function test is $30 for student athletes. This computer-based assessment gives doctors a scientifically validated measure of the athlete’s cognitive function. But, in the event of a concussion, it is most useful if the medical team has a baseline or “before concussion” assessment of the brain function for comparison.

ImPACT is an acronym for Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing. ImPACT tests following a concussion are $89.

“No two brains are alike and no two concussions are alike so ImPACT has been an important tool to help us manage concussions and make return-to-play decisions on an individualized basis,” said Valerie Holbrook, a licensed athletic trainer and outreach coordinator for the center. “This test is widely used and endorsed by 24 NFL teams, the National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer and the National Basketball Association to name just a few.”

The 30-minute test measures attention span, working memory, sustained and selective attention time, reaction time, non-verbal problem solving and other areas of cognitive functioning.

Akron Children’s Sports Medicine Center is located on the 7th floor of the Considine Professional Building on the main campus of Akron Children’s Hospital in downtown Akron.

Appointments for the ImPACT test can be made by calling 330-543-8260. Sports physicals can be scheduled at the same time and also cost $30.

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An ImPACT test - $30 in April - is a smart investment for all athletes at risk for concussion

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