How to boost your child’s brain development

How to boost a child's brain development

Michelle McMillan, MD


From making silly faces to playing with ABC blocks, the time parents spend interacting with their infant could be critical in the development of their child’s brain.

“There are billions of brain cells but stimulation is needed to make the cells connect to each other,” said Michelle McMillan, MD, a pediatrician at the Solon office of Akron Children’s Hospital Pediatrics. “Different types and frequency of stimulation lead to more connections and more complex learning patterns later in life.”

In a new Akron Children’s Hospital video, Dr. McMillan discusses the importance of an infant’s interactions with her parents and environment, especially in the first eight months. But she also warns that “it is possible to overstimulate a child, which causes connections to be lost.”

She also discusses the impact TV and video-game screen time can have on developing brains and makes recommendations based on the child’s age. 

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Learn how interaction and stimulation can boost a child’s brain development

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