Akron Children’s seeks adolescents with migraines for clinical trial


Akron Children’s Hospital is enrolling patients in a clinical trial to evaluate the effectiveness of a nasal spray used to treat adolescents with moderate to severe migraine headaches.

Akron Children’s is part of the worldwide, multi-center TEENZ clinical trial. TEENZ is an acronym for “Trial of Evaluation and Efficacy of Nasal spray for ZOMIG.”

“The study will involve approximately 1,000 patients between 12 and 17 years of age from around the world,” said Cristina Victorio, MD, a pediatric neurologist and the principal investigator at Akron Children’s. “To be eligible, adolescents should have a confirmed diagnosis of migraine headache and should typically experience two or more moderately-to-severely disabling migraines per month.”

ZOMIG (zolmitriptan) is a fast acting, single dose medicine approved for use in adults. The study will evaluate if the nasal spray can reduce the pain of a migraine within two hours, compared with placebo.

“Approximately 15 in every 100 adolescents experience frequent migraines,” said Dr. Victorio. “Migraines are different from normal headaches as they typically cause a child to become nauseous, be sensitive to light, and unable to do anything other than lie down until the pain subsides.”

While migraines are just as painful for adolescents, they typically do not last as long as in adults. That difference has been a challenge for previous clinical trials, but this study was designed with the duration of adolescent migraines in mind. The adolescents in the study will be expected to keep a diary about their headaches and visit their doctor several times during the course of the study.

If you would like to learn more about the study and think your child may be eligible, call 330-543-5012. Any costs associated with the study will be covered for the participants.

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