Akron Children’s Hospital Mahoning Valley now offers infant therapy program


Akron Children’s Hospital Mahoning Valley now provides an infant therapy team for infants and children who are at risk for developmental delays or who have been identified as having a delay.

“The goal of the infant therapy program is to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the infant in order to identify developmental delays as early as possible and to use a team and family-centered approach to meet the child’s individual needs,” says Mary Marino, director of Rehabilitative Services.

The team is comprised of rehabilitation therapists who work closely with neonatologists and other members of the child’s healthcare team. The specialists assess the child’s abilities in the following areas and create an individualized treatment plan, including frequency of treatment and whether outpatient therapies are needed.
• Physical therapy: posture and movement
• Occupational therapy: visual skills and use of hands
• Speech/language/oral motor/feeding: listening, sound-making and feeding
• Dietitian: nutrition and growth

A number of factors may place a child at risk for developmental delays, including the following:
• Low birth weight
• Prematurity
• Congenital or chromosomal abnormalities
• Persistent irritability
• Lack of active movement
• Poor feeding skills
• Poor weight gain

Parents who have concerns about their child should contact their physician. For questions about the infant therapy team, call 330-746-9377.

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