Maternal Fetal Medicine Center

Akron Children's Maternal Fetal Medicine Center provides high-risk pregnancy care and prenatal diagnosis. Read More...

Ahn Jennifer
Jennifer Ahn, MD, FACOG
Director, OB Ultrasound and Antenatal Testing Center Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist

Bacak Stephen
Stephen Bacak, DO, MPH
Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist

Ehrenberg Buchner Stacey
Stacey Ehrenberg Buchner, MD
Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist

Mancuso Melissa
Melissa Mancuso, MD
Interim Chair, Maternal Fetal Medicine

Wolfe Katherine
Katherine Wolfe, DO
Director, Diabetes and Pregnancy Program Perinatologist

Nelson Dana
Dana Nelson, CNS
Administrative Director, Maternal Fetal Medicine

Nicholas Susan
Sue Nicholas, MSN, WHNP-BC, CCCCTM
Women's Health Clinical Nurse Practitioner

Krepkovich Katherine
Katherine Krepkovich, MS, MS, CGC
Licensed and Certified Genetic Counselor

Conditions We Treat

Conditions we treat
Here are some of the conditions treated in this department. Select a condition to get more information and resources: Birth Defect, Diabetes, Encephalocele, Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs), Myelomeningocele, Neural Tube Defects, Prenatal Hydronephrosis, Spina Bifida, Toxoplasmosis, and Trisomy 15.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?
  • In nearly 1/3 of pregnancies, the expectant mother has a pregnancy-related complication, according to the CDC.
  • In 2004, Akron Children's maternal-fetal medicine team delivered Ohio's first sextuplets.


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Maternal Fetal Medicine - Overview

The Akron Children’s Hospital Center for Maternal Fetal Medicine provides services for women who may be at risk for complications of pregnancy and care for fetuses that may be at risk for or have been diagnosed with a genetic disorder or congenital defect.

The staff includes board-certified perinatologists with advanced training and clinical experience in high-risk obstetric problems and advanced prenatal diagnosis. We offer specialty maternal care including consultation, co-management and ongoing care with a perinatologist available 24 hours a day to consult with you in the care of your patients.

By coordinating a plan of care with our neonatologists before delivery, we ensure seamless, integrated services for both mother and child.

Preconception services are also available for women with medical or family histories that put them at risk for pregnancy complications or for couples concerned about genetic conditions and disorders.

Conditions Associated with High-Risk Pregnancies

Women are considered at an increased risk for pregnancy complications because they:

  • have medical or surgical disorders such as heart disease, high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia, pulmonary disease, diabetes or other endocrine disorders, lupus, kidney disease, or gastrointestinal disease
  • are older than 35
  • have an increased risk of preterm labor
  • are carrying twins, triplets or other multiples
  • require advanced prenatal diagnostic procedures
  • have concerns related to a possible birth defect
  • have experienced recurrent pregnancy loss
  • have a maternal genetic disorder
  • are at an increased risk for adverse outcomes such as premature rupture of membranes and suspected fetal growth restriction

Patients who are provided with consultation or co-management services by the Center for Maternal Fetal Medicine are often able to deliver at their local community hospitals. The staff will provide detailed management recommendations to the patient’s obstetrician and pediatrician.

Patients who receive ongoing prenatal care at the Center for Maternal Fetal Medicine will deliver at Akron General Medical Center or Summa Akron City Hospital where Akron Children’s has special care nurseries. If necessary, babies are transported to the Akron Children’s Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the hospital’s Akron campus for the highest level of neonatal care. Akron Children's Hospital is not a birth hospital.

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Maternal Fetal Medicine Center
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Akron Children's Hospital
Maternal Fetal Medicine Center
Considine Professional Building
215 W. Bowery St., Suite 5500
Akron , OH 44308
Phone: Appointments: 330-543-4500
Maternal Transport Hotline: 800-221-5437
Fax: 330-543-4508
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Akron Children's Specialty Care at Mercy Medical Center
Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Mercy Medical Building
1330 Mercy Dr. NW
Canton , OH 44708
Phone: 330-543-4500
Appointments: 330-543-4500
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Akron Children's Hospital Specialty Care at Western Reserve Medical Center
Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialists
1930 State Route 59, Suite C
Kent , OH 44240
Phone: 330-543-4500
Fax: 330-543-4508
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Akron Children's Specialty and Urgent Care, Mansfield
371 Cline Ave.
Mansfield , OH 44907
Phone: 330-543-4500
Fax: 330-543-4508 Records
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Akron Children's Specialty Care, Medina
3985 Medina Road, Suite 200
Medina , OH 44256
Phone: 330-543-4500
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Akron Children's at Fisher-Titus
Fisher-Titus Medical Center
282 Benedict Ave.
Norwalk , OH 44857
Phone: 330-543-4500
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Wooster Community Hospital
Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Subspecialty Care Building
546 Winter St.
Wooster , OH 44691
Phone: 330-543-4500
Appointments: 330-543-4500
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