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Akron Children’s Learning Program provides complete assessment and recommendations for children and teens struggling in school. Read More...



Learning Program - Overview

Akron Children’s Learning Program in the NeuroDevelopmental Science Center provides thorough assessments to identify the factors affecting a child’s difficulties in school performance.

Our center also provides recommendations about how your child can reach his full potential.

The most commonly diagnosed factors are ADHD, reading disabilities and language disorders.

However, we frequently treat children with anxiety disorders, depression or other emotional concerns that are interfering with school performance.


What To Expect

For your child's first appointment to Akron Children's Learning Program, we will schedule a 3-hour evaluation with a developmental-behavioral pediatrician or nurse practitioner, speech therapist and pediatric nurse.

During this initial appointment, our team takes a broad-based look at all the factors that could be affecting your child’s performance in school.

A developmental-behavioral provider meets with you and your child to:

  • review her medical and developmental history
  • perform a thorough physical and neurological exam
  • discuss your child’s strengths and concerns that can either be built or improved upon

A speech therapist then evaluates your child’s ability to speak, read and transfer his thoughts to paper. A nurse performs an assessment on reasoning, problem-solving, mathematics, and paper and pencil skills.

The developmental-behavioral pediatrician will schedule a conference with the family to review results one week after the evaluation. She will make recommendations for next steps and answer questions.

Additional testing may be necessary to fully understand your child’s difficulties.

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Learning Program
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