Pyruvic Acid, Blood

Centralized Core Laboratory:Chemistry

Test ID/Workstation: PYRUA MAYO

Specimen Type: Whole Blood

Tube Type: The special draw tube contains 2.5 ml of 6% perchloric acid and must be pre-chilled prior to the draw. Tubes should be stored in the refrigerator and transported on ice.
For a Unit Collect, nursing staff should call the lab prior to drawing the patient to request that a tube be sent to them.

Cause for rejection: If any other anticoagulant/additive is used.
If the tube is not pre-chilled for the draw, or if the tube is not sent to the lab on ice.
If more or less than 1 ml of blood is added to the special draw tube.

Availability: Sent to reference lab; Days performed M,W, F

Methodology: Spectrophotometry

Special Instructions: The patient should be fasting for at least 4 hours prior to the draw.
Draw enough blood directly into a syringe to add exactly 1 ml of blood to the pre-chilled, perchloric acid collection tube.
Once drawn, immediately transfer 1 ml of blood from the syringe to the pre-chilled, perchloric acid collection tube and shake vigorously to mix. (Tube should be filled to the 3.5 ml mark.)
Transport the specimen to the lab on ice.
If perchloric acid spills before adding the blood specimen, obtain a new, pre-chilled tube.
Additional information for lab - Do not spin the specimen. The whole blood specimen should be refrigerated and sent to the reference lab.

For Outpatients, test should only be drawn in outpatient locations within a Hospital (Akron or Beeghly).

TAT: 3-5 days

Additional Info: Reference range: 0.08-0.16 mmol/L
NIH Unit: 0.7-1.4 mg/dL

CPT Code: 84210

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