Is It Ever OK to Carry a Backpack Using Just One Strap?

Is It Ever OK to Carry a Backpack Using Just One Strap?

Here's my problem: I don't want to hurt myself, but having a rolling backpack isn't cool, and I don't want a backpack with two straps. Any tips?
- Matteo*

There's no getting around the truth: If you're going to carry a lot of stuff, two-strap packs or rollers are the safest options. Backpacks are designed for people to carry with both straps, not one.

If you want to go single-shouldered, you're going to have to make some compromises:

The bottom line: If you're not organized enough for all this hassle, you need to find a decent-looking backpack — and use both straps.

Reviewed by: Rupal Christine Gupta, MD
Date reviewed: August 2014

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