Healthy Weight: Your Personal Plan

Healthy Weight: Your Personal Plan

We've all seen ads for diet programs that make losing lots of weight seem as quick and easy as posing for the "before and after" photos. But as anyone who has tried to lose weight knows, it can be a struggle.

It's easy to feel frustrated when we set a weight-loss goal and then don't drop all the pounds we planned to lose. That's why the best way to lose weight — and keep it off — is not to go on a diet. (Yes, you read that right!) Instead, make being healthy your ultimate goal, not a specific number on the scale.

The ideal approach to losing weight is to focus on making small, specific changes that are easy to stick with in the long run — like not eating while watching TV, replacing a lunchtime soda with water, or walking to the bus instead of getting a ride.

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So instead of going on an all-out diet or exercising until your knees shake, try making one small change. Use our personal plan to guide you.

When you're finished, you can print a goal sheet to inspire you as you work to turn your change into something that feels like a natural part of your life. This personal plan tool also offers examples of how other people started their own small-change transformations.

When you've worked on your first change long enough that it has become a habit, make another change. Then another. These small changes all add up to a more successful way to lose weight.

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