Worrying About War - for Kids

Worrying About War - for Kids

For a few years now, wars have been in the news for kids in the United States. In both Iraq and Afghanistan, U.S. soldiers have been fighting. Kids may hear about this on TV, the radio, and in the newspaper, or they may hear adults or kids talking about it. Talk of war can be scary, upsetting, and confusing.

Some kids have parents, relatives, or neighbors who are in the military. Kids may be proud to know someone serving in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, or Coast Guard. They can be worried, too — especially if someone they care about is serving in a war or might be going to a place where there's fighting.

A war zone is a dangerous place, so some worry is normal. Too much worry might cause a stomachache, scary dreams, or make it hard to pay attention in school.

If you are worried, scared, or confused, it's important to talk to a parent, teacher, or counselor. Having someone to talk to can make a kid feel better. Grownups also can teach kids what they can do to help themselves feel better.

Here are some suggestions for kids who feel worried:

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