School Lunches

School Lunches

Buying lunch at school may be the first time kids get to call the shots on which foods they'll eat. Luckily, school lunches have improved over the years, both in taste and nutrition, with many serving healthier dishes, such as grilled chicken sandwiches and salads.

But some still exceed recommendations for fat. In the typical school cafeteria, kids can still choose an unhealthy mix of foods, especially the less nutritious fare often available a la carte or in the vending machine. For instance, a kid might decide to buy a hot dog, day after day.

Lunchtime Opportunities

Use school lunches as a chance to steer your kids toward good choices. Especially with younger kids, explain how a nutritious lunch will give them energy to finish the rest of the schoolday and enjoy after-school activities.

Here are some other tips:

Healthier Alternatives

Encourage kids to choose cafeteria meals that include fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains, such as whole wheat bread instead of white. Also, they should avoid fried foods when possible and choose low-fat milk or water as a drink.

If you're helping pack a lunch, start by brainstorming foods and snacks that your kids would like to eat. In addition to old standbys, such as peanut butter and jelly, try pitas or wrap sandwiches stuffed with grilled chicken or veggies. Try soups and salads, and don't forget last night's leftovers as an easy lunchbox filler.

You also can perform a lunch makeover. These small changes do make a nutritional difference:

Instead of:Consider:
Higher-fat lunch meatsLower-fat deli meats, such as turkey
White breadWhole-grain breads (wheat, oat, multi-grain)
MayonnaiseLight mayonnaise or mustard
Fried chips and snacksBaked chips, air-popped popcorn, trail mix, veggies and dip
Fruit in syrupFruit in natural juices or fresh fruit
Cookies and snack cakesTrail mix, yogurt, or homemade baked goods such as oatmeal cookies or fruit muffins
Fruit drinks and sodaLow-fat milk, water, or 100% fruit juice

Nutritional Upgrades

Here's how two lunches stack up after a typical lunch received a nutritional upgrade:

Typical lunchNutritional upgradeWhy it's better
Beef bologna on whiteLean turkey on whole wheatLess fat and more fiber
MayonnaiseLettuce and mustardLess fat and fewer calories
Potato chipsCarrots & celery with light dressingLess fat and a serving of vegetables
Fruit cup in light syrupFresh grapesLess sugar and fewer calories
Chocolate sandwich cookiesHomemade trail mixLess fat and more fiber
Fruit punch drinkSkim milkFewer calories, less sugar, plus calcium
980 calories725 calories255 fewer calories
48 g fat13.5 g fat34.5 fewer grams of fat
13.5 g saturated fat2.5 g saturated fat11 fewer grams of saturated fat
125 g carbohydrates120 g carbohydrates5 fewer grams of carbohydrates
59 g sugar52 g sugar7 fewer grams of sugar
3 g fiber13 g fiber10 more grams of fiber

Healthy Packed Lunches

Prepackaged lunches for kids are popular and convenient, but they're also expensive and often less than nutritious. Instead, create your own packable lunch using healthier ingredients. Consider these components and pack them in plastic containers, resealable plastic bags, or colorful plastic wrap:

Be sure to check with the school to make sure that there aren't any restrictions on what kids can pack in their lunches. And don't forget to involve your kids in the process so that healthier lunches can become a goal they strive for, too.

Safe Packing

A packed lunch carries the added responsibility of keeping the food safe to eat. That means keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold. One study found that fewer than a third of parents included a cold pack when packing yogurt, deli-meat sandwiches, and other foods that need refrigeration.

Here are some suggestions to keep lunch foods safe:

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Date reviewed: February 2012

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