My Breasts Are Different Sizes. Is This Normal?

My Breasts Are Different Sizes. Is This Normal?

Lately I've noticed that my boobs are different sizes. My left boob is a "B" cup and the right one is an "A" cup. Is there any pill or anything that will help make them normal?
- Joy*

First, girls whose breasts are different sizes or develop at different rates are normal. Differences in breast size tend to even out once a girl is older or fully grown — usually anywhere from age 16 to 20. But even fully developed women may have one breast that's slightly larger or is shaped differently from the other. Lots of women have different-sized breasts, so you are definitely not alone.

It might help to remember that you're probably more aware of the difference in your cup size just because the process of buying a bra makes you focus on breast measurement. So although the difference may seem like a big deal to you, other people usually never notice differences in a girl's breasts.

If you're self-conscious about it, you can wear a padded bra or even a bra with a pad on just one side. Let your doctor know if you have questions or concerns about your breast development.

Reviewed by: Julia Brown Lancaster, RN
Date reviewed: January 2013

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