Issue 4 will allow city to donate heating plant to Akron Children’s

Issue 4 will allow city to donate heating plant to Akron Children’s

Recycle Energy System Plant


The City of Akron is moving forward with plans to donate the Recycle Energy System (RES) Plant to Akron Children’s Hospital, pending approval of Issue 4 on November 5 ballot.

"We are in the midst of a 10-year capital expansion plan, including the construction of a new medical tower that will require steam from the RES plant," said William Considine, president and CEO. "We think this idea of transferring the RES is the best solution available at this time and I am grateful the mayor is working hard to make this work within our time frame."

The Akron city charter requires this donation to be approved by Akron voters. If approved, Akron Children’s and the city will work out a transition plan that includes details of the long-term operation and continued supply of steam and chilled water.

The donation will not require Akron Children’s to accept any financial or environmental liability for the past operation of the plant, and the city will continue to support the system and assist in the recruitment of new customers. Issue 4 is not a tax.

“Donating the RES facility to Akron Children’s Hospital is the right thing to do for our community,” said Mayor Don Plusquellic. “Akron Children’s Hospital, along with Akron General and many other downtown users, rely on the RES facility for their steam needs. This donation will allow for the capital investment required to make this a reliable energy source at a predictable cost to all of its customers, but especially Children’s and Akron General.” 

The RES plant provides hot and/or chilled water to more than 50 downtown businesses, including Akron Children’s, Akron General Medical Center, Canal Place, City Hall and county offices. 

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Issue 4 will allow city to donate heating plant to Akron Children’s Hospital.

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