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The Akron Children’s Hospital Early Childhood Assessment Clinic to supports children with a known or suspected developmental delay due to an intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder. Read More...



Early Childhood Assessment Clinic - Overview

The Early Childhood Assessment Clinic at Akron Children’s Hospital’s NeuroDevelopmental Science Center assesses children with a known or suspected developmental delay due to an intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder. Our clinical psychologist tests children under age 6 when parents, caregivers or doctors have a concern about a child’s development in one or more of these areas:

  • Motor skills – the ability to control muscles to perform such tasks as throwing a ball or holding a crayon
  • Language and speech – the ability to communicate with and understand others using speech, hand gestures and body language
  • Social-emotional skills – the ability to interact with adults and other children, form relationships and respond to the feelings of others
  • Adaptive skills – the ability to perform everyday tasks such as eating with utensils or using the toilet
  • Cognitive skills – the ability to think, understand simple instructions, learn new skills, reason, problem solve and remember

With early identification and intervention, many children can progress and improve before they start school.

A referral is required. For an appointment, have your child’s doctor call 330-543-8058. A patient liaison will call you to obtain mental health insurance information and provide further details about your appointment.


What To Expect

Our Evaluation

Testing depends on the child’s age and identified area of concern. Evaluations usually last 2 to 3 hours with breaks as needed. We will observe the child performing specific tasks to help us understand his or her developmental progress.

The assessment also includes a clinical interview with the parent or caregiver to identify strengths and areas of concern, and perhaps complete rating scales of the child’s adaptive and social-emotional skills. If the child attends school or daycare, we may ask the teacher about the child’s classroom skills and behavior.

  • In addition, we may perform tests of:
  • Verbal or non-verbal intelligence
  • Learning, attention/ability to focus, motor skills, language and problem solving
  • Pre-learning skills

For autism spectrum disorders only, we may use the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS)

Our Recommendations

Once our report is complete, we will review our findings and recommendations with the parent or caregiver and provide a copy of the report to the referring physician.

We make diagnosis-specific recommendations and treatment suggestions based on our findings, areas of concern and the child’s specific needs. These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategies to develop learning/cognitive skills
  • Language/communication-building skills
  • Tools to build social-emotional and/or adaptive skills
  • Help with school placement/Individualized Education Program (IEP)
  • Guidance on obtaining community-based resources and/or support

We are available for continuing consultation if you or your patient’s family have questions or additional concerns.


Patient Family Resources

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Early Childhood Assessment Clinic
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