Pediatric Palliative Care Curriculum

Pediatric Palliative Care Curriculum sessions are held monthly, usually the first Wednesday of each month, 12:30-1:30 p.m., in the Sherman Auditorium at Akron Children’s Hospital. The curriculum is intended for all different disciplines, and is meant to give general information related to palliative care topics such as communication, treatment of pain and other symptoms, boundary issues, ethics, spirituality, grief and bereavement. Speakers include members of the palliative care team, as well as other hospital staff, community members, parents and patients. Past sessions are included in the following archive.

Pain and Symptom Management
Originally presented July 5, 2017, by Cathy Kelly-Langen, MD

An Empty Lantern Provides No Light: Refueling Through Self-Care
Originally presented June 7, 2017, by
Stephanie Allen, MSN

For Sale, Baby Shoes Never Worn: Perinatal and Neonatal Palliative Care
Originally presented May 4, 2016, by Stephanie Allen, MSN; Marlene Hardy-Gomez, CNP; Suzanne Nicholas, CNP; and Rebecca Lee (parent).

Healing Interventions without Side Effects: Expressive Therapy
Originally presented July 1, 2015, by Molly Kohut, MA, ATR-BC, PCC, Sarah Gaither, MT-BC, Nicole Robinson, MFA, Gina & Leah Merriman, Angela & Dominik Corbett, and Lisa LaRocca.

Grief and Bereavement
Originally presented June 3, 2015, by Nancy Carst, Brandi Adamic, Nikann Charney, Abbey Lyman and Camden Seymour.

Trauma Changes the Brain
Originally presented May 5, 2015, by Laura Gerak, Emily Kutner and Anne Reagan.

Advanced Pain Management
Originally presented April 1, 2015, by Catherine Kelly-Langen, MD.

What Do I Do if a Family Asks Me to Pray with Them?
Originally presented March 4, 2015, by Karen Ballard, Kim Emery, John Morgan and Matt Tweddle.

End of Life Care
Originally presented February 4, 2015, by Catherine Kelly-Langen, MD.

The Future of Palliative Care
Originally presented January 7, 2015, by Cassandra Hirsh, DO, Sarah Friebert, MD, John Pope, MD and Mary Kay Tyler, CNP (from Hospice of the Western Reserve).

High Stress/Difficult Situations for Providers
Originally presented December 3, 2014, by Ellie Crow, MD, Sarah Friebert, MD, Karen Ballard, MCM, BCC, Joel Davidson, MD, and Kim Martin, MD.

Perinatal and Neonatal Palliative Care
Originally presented November 5, 2014, by Marlene Hardy-Gomez, CPNP, Susan Howson, CNS, Julie Wright, RN and Amy Cartwright (parent)

Recognizing and Supporting Religious and Cultural Values
Originally presented October 1, 2014, by Jared Rubenstein, MD, and Karen Ballard, MCM, BCC.

Navigating the Transition Process
Originally presented September 3, 2014, by Cassandra Hirsh, DO, and Britni Lookabaugh, MD, and a patient/parent panel with Kathleen Burt, Hope Carr, Tina Murray and Nate Williamson.

The Invisible Child: Understanding the Experiences of Siblings in the World of Chronic Illness
Originally presented August 6, 2014, by Laura Gerak, PhD, and Korie Brittain, BS, MS, CCLS

Grief and Bereavement: An Introduction
Originally presented July 2, 2014, by Nancy Carst, LISW-S, CT, and bereaved family members Pam Czech, Nicole Jackson, Roz Norwood Bailey, and Climon Lee.

The Ethics of Pediatric Palliative Care
Originally presented June 4, 2014, by Todd Dalberg, DO, and Sarah Friebert, MD.

The ABCs of Prevention
Originally presented May 7, 2014, by Sumru-Bilge-Johnson, MD, and Laura Gerak, PhD. Facilitator: Robin Tener, PhD. Panel: Kim Arney, LPN; Misty Bess, Respiratory Therapist; Elaine Thompson, RN; and Catherine Kelly- Langen, MD

Palliative Care Chronic Sorrow A Theoretical Model vs. Real Life
Originally presented April 2, 2014, by Mona Raed, MD.

Compassion Fatigue, Secondary Trauma and Burn Out
Originally presented March 5, 2014, by Sumru Bilge-Johnson, MD, Director, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Program and Laura Gerak, PhD, Pediatric Psychologist


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