Feeding Program

Feeding Program

The Feeding Program at Akron Children’s Hospital provides comprehensive care for children who have difficulties such as gathering, sucking, chewing, or swallowing foods and beverages.

Common causes of these feeding problems include prematurity; medical conditions such as gastrointestinal, heart or lung disorders; developmental delays; structural abnormalities; allergies and food intolerances. Older children may also have avoidance behaviors as a result of negative feeding experiences as a younger child.

Assessment is completed by a multi-disciplinary team that includes a speech pathologist, dietitian, occupational therapist and behavioral medicine psychologist. Other specialists will be consulted as needed.

Testing may include a videofluoroscopic swallowing function study (VFSS) to evaluate the child’s ability to protect the airway during feeding. The VFSS is usually followed by an oral motor/feeding evaluation. A home program and feeding guidelines are set up based on the results of these tests. Other recommendations may be made to tailor the treatment to meet the specific needs of each child. Follow-up will also be scheduled as appropriate.

For more information, call 330-543-3835 or 330-543-8274.

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