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Akron Children's Oak Adoptive Health Center prepares and educates parents and families involved in domestic, international and special-needs adoptions. We also provide medical history evaluation, and psychological and developmental evaluation and support to encourage the healthy growth of the adoptive family. Read More...

McKee Sharon
Sharon McKee, MD, FAAP
Adoptive Health Physician and Pediatrician

DeGeorge Vincent
Vincent DeGeorge, PhD
Program Director, Oak Adoptive Behavioral Services


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Adoptive Health Center - Overview

Akron Children’s Oak Adoptive Health Center offers pre- and post-adoption services, as well as international adoption resources, such as travel advice, initial care of the child while traveling, and phone and email contact while the parents are abroad.

We established our center in June 2004 through a donation from Jim and Vanita Oelschlager, who have an adopted grandchild.

Our center does not replace your child’s primary care doctor. However, if medical issues exist, our team is available.

Akron Children's is among a handful of pediatric hospitals that provides adoptive health services.


What To Expect

Pre-adoption services

Prior to adoption, our medical director meets with your family to discuss various domestic and international adoption issues.

Although phone consultations are available, one-on-one consultations are preferable so couples can gain a better understanding of the adoption process.

Staff also evaluates and interprets written records, photos or videos of a child who may be adopted by a family. The pre-adoption evaluation is not meant to advise whether to choose a particular child, but rather to assess medical issues that may arise when adopting a child.

Being fully prepared for adoption is the best predictor of a long-term, successful family.

Post-adoption services

Our staff is trained to uncover common health problems of internationally adopted children. Special-needs children typically require a number of continuing medical services and we can make recommendations for care upon evaluation.

Our 2-part post-adoption assessment explores:

  • Cognition (thinking and learning)
  • Motor skills (fine and gross)
  • Social/emotional skills
  • Self-help skills
  • Communication skills
  • Hearing

The assessments take into account the patient’s age and expected level of development.

We encourage parents to participate in the assessment process.

Follow-up developmental assessments occur at 6 months and one year post-adoption. If intervention and/or therapy are recommended, we will help arrange these services.

We also provide:

  • Medical assessment
  • Consultation
  • Education
  • Support services relating to adoption and adoption adjustment issues, such as attachment problems


Patient Family Resources


We know you must have many questions about adoption. We hope you find these articles helpful.

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