Tattoos do come with health risks, warns doctor


Teens thinking about getting a tattoo should consider other factors than just the design they like.

In a new video by Akron Children's Hospital, Eleni Lantzouni, MD, an adolescent medicine specialist, discusses the potential lifelong health concerns related to tattoos, which are becoming an increasingly popular form of self-expression.

Dr. Lantzouni discusses the risks associated with tattoos. For example, studies indicate that people who have tattoos have a 7 percent higher risk of contracting hepatitis C. Other risks include skin infections, allergic reactions and keloids.

"My first advice to teens who are considering getting a tattoo is to wait," said Dr. Lantzouni. "Test yourself and see if you still want to get one after a year's time. Waiting one year is really nothing when you are going to have the tattoo the rest of your life."

The video is available at Type in the keyword, "tattoo." You can also find the video at

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Video focuses on risks of tattoos & how you can talk to your teen about them

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