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Speech Surgery Clinic - Department
...that changes the way air flows through the mouth and nose during speech. They can be caused by velopharyngeal incompetence (VPI). VPI occurs when the opening between the soft palate and the...

A to Z: Resonance Disorder - KidsHealth Article
In this speech problem, problems in the structure, nerves, and muscles of the mouth and throat can change the quality of the voice. Read more. (Article for Parents)

Meet Addison: fighting spirit, smiling face! - Blog Post
...Dr. Masin also took out her tonsils and adenoids, and most recently Dr. Murthy performed a velopharyngeal flap repair.Addison currently receives speech, OT, PT, and sees many specialists at...

Craniofacial Center - Department
The Akron Children’s Hospital Craniofacial Clinic diagnoses and treats infants, children and teens with deformities of the bones in the skull and face.

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