Akron Children's Hospital

Audio & Video

Trauma Center - Virtual Tour

Video: Trauma Center - Virtual Tour
Emergency Department - Virtual Tour

Video: Emergency Department - Virtual Tour
Behavioral Health Emergency Room

Video: Behavioral Health Emergency Room
H1N1 Update: Caring for your Child

Video: H1N1 Update: Caring for your Child
ER Behavioral Health area (WEWS)

Video: ER Behavioral Health area (WEWS)
Hypothermia and Hot Cars (WJW)

Video: Hypothermia and Hot Cars (WJW)
The Measure of Success

Video: The Measure of Success
Poisoning Prevention

Video: Poisoning Prevention
Winter Safety

Video: Winter Safety
Teens on Teen Driving

Video: Teens on Teen Driving
Safe Sitting at the Holidays

Video: Safe Sitting at the Holidays
Stranger Danger

Video: Stranger Danger
Poison Ivy

Video: Poison Ivy
Meet the Wallbrowns: Concussions

Video: Meet the Wallbrowns: Concussions
Holiday Safety

Video: Holiday Safety