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Tips to Grow By
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  • IN203 - Childproofing and Preventing Household Accidents

    Advice on how to keep your new baby safe at home.
  • IN232 - Choosing a Pediatrician (PDF only)

    Resources and guidelines for choosing a child's doctor; things to ask and consider during your search.
  • IN221 - Choosing Child Care

    Choices of venues, things to look for and easing your child into day care.
  • IN202 - Choosing Safe Baby Products

    Common sense advice for baby-proofing your home.
  • IN224 - Circumcision

    What to expect; caring for your baby after circumcision.
  • IN220 - Colic

    Tips for soothing a colicky baby.
  • SI703 - Common Cold

    Causes, symptoms and treatment of colds.
  • SI719 - Constipation

    Tips for preventing and treating constipation in infants and children.
  • IN218 - Cradle Cap

    Recognizing cradle cap and step-by-step instructions for clearing it up.
  • IN207 - Croup

    Cause, symptoms, prevention, treatment, duration and complications.
  • SI709 - Cuts, Strains, Sprains and Fractures (PDF only)

    Symptoms of various injuries and suggested first aid procedures.
  • KT804 - Dental Health

    Guide to dental care from infancy to adulthood, including cavity prevention and first aid for tooth injuries.
  • IN217 - Diaper Rash

    Causes, prevention and treatment of diaper rash.
  • SI707 - Diarrhea

    Easy-to-follow advice for easing your child through intestinal disturbances.
  • TP311 - Disciplining Your Child (PDF only)

    General discipline guidelines for school-age children, including setting house rules and routines and positive reinforcement guidelines.

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