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Asthma Center for Teens

  • Air Pollution and Asthma Air Pollution and Asthma

    Poor air quality can make asthma worse. Here's what to do about it if you have asthma.

  • Asthma Asthma

    Asthma is a lung condition that makes it hard to breathe. Learn all about asthma here.

  • Asthma Action Plan

    Use this printable sheet to help manage your asthma.

  • Dealing With an Asthma Flare-Up Dealing With an Asthma Flare-Up

    Asthma flare-ups, or attacks, can be handled, but it's even better if you can prevent them from happening. Find out how to deal with flare-ups.

  • Do Allergies Cause Asthma? Do Allergies Cause Asthma?

    Find out if allergies can make a person's asthma symptoms worse.

  • Exercise-Induced Asthma Exercise-Induced Asthma

    Some people have asthma symptoms only during or after exercise. This is called exercise-induced asthma. Get some tips for coping with it in this article.

  • Allergies Allergies

    Your eyes itch, your nose is running, you're sneezing, and you're covered in hives. The enemy known as allergies has struck again.

  • Eczema Eczema

    Eczema is a common skin problem among teens. If you have eczema, read this article to find out more about it and how you can deal with the skin stress.

  • Lungs and Respiratory System Lungs and Respiratory System

    Each day you breathe about 20,000 times. Find out more about the lungs and breathing process.

  • Dealing With a Health Condition Dealing With a Health Condition

    If you suffer from a chronic illness, you know it can be anything but fun. But you can become better informed and more involved in your care. Here are tips to help you deal.

  • School and Asthma School and Asthma

    Lots of teens have asthma. Here are tips on keeping it under control so you can prevent (or manage) a flare-up at school.

  • Allergy Testing Allergy Testing

    Doctors use several different types of allergy tests, depending on what a person may be allergic to. Find out what to expect from allergy tests.

  • Spirometry (Video)

    This video shows what it's like to get a spirometry test.

  • X-Ray (Video)

    This video shows what it's like to get an X-ray.

  • Asthma Center Asthma Center

    Visit our Asthma Center for information and advice on managing and living with asthma.

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